There are three different ways to order Sunrider Products and our office manager Jayme can help with each way. Sunrider has made it easier then ever before to sign up! We understand that it may be slightly confusing still to some.  Jayme does not even mind setting your account. You can email her at jharris@atigafamilypractice.com and she will call or email based off your preference of contact. Or you can complete the Sunrider Application form and send to her email: jharris@atigafamilypractice.com.

Sunrider Application

To Choose from the three ways of ordering click on the link below:

Start my Sunrider Experience

From there you can chose from the following:.

Join Page- Sunrider


Please make sure that you use the link above for the join. You can choose to be Retail or Preferred and switch to IBO at any time or switch from Retail to IBO. Please contact Jayme for further questions.