Sunrider Foods

The Art of Herbal Science

At Atiga Family Practice we research for the best options for our patients. Several staff members have tried Sunrider foods and have noticed personal benefits. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Sunrider states to “invest in your holistic health and well-being- physical, mental, emotional, and financial- so you can live out your best life with peace of mind that you have a true partner.” They began with their founders Doctor Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen, “whose passion for people led them to create proven herbal products that help others achieve optimal health and energy.”

Our body wants to self heal. When we have a cut, our body will form blood clots to stop the bleeding. The same is with all other aspects of our body. Like any heavily used machinery needs regular maintenance, so does our body.  We may feel that we are giving our bodies everything that they need (enough from each food group) but really we may be leaving it malnourished. Think about how many different foods you actually eat. How many different vegetables, herbs, and fruits? Can you count each food group on your fingers?

Sunrider’s food based products have condensed many foods into small packages so that you can maximize foods from each food group. They are always non GMO and organic. Please view below many of their statements pertaining to why you should try their foods and the extent they go through to bring you the best options for your body.

Sunrider Introduction Summary


Atiga Family Practice looks for ways for patients to have the option of Holistic approach.


We look in products from their start to finish, to make sure they will benefit our patients.


We need to know where our food is ACTUALLY coming from.


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